Island Hammock Pet Hospital®
and Boarding Villa
Serving the Upper Keys; Key Largo, Islamorada, Tavernier and Ocean Reef
Island Hammock Pet Hospital®
and Boarding Villa

Designed for Animal Wellness

The Hospital was designed and constructed for cleanliness, sterility and odor control. 

  • Floors were constructed to make it easy for elderly dogs to walk on.     
  • The hospital is sound insulated to help minimize sounds that might scare animals:     
    • Interior walls are insulated to dampen internal sounds.
    • Extra thick hurricane glass was used on windows and doors to dampen outside noise.
    • Our Boarding Villa for Cats is sound dampened. This allows cats to be segregated from the rest of the hospital sounds and activities, but still allows them to observe the environment around them.
    • The Central Wet-Dry vacuum system was located outside to not scare animals.
  • The HVAC system was designed to cycle extra fresh air into the hospital to minimize odors that might make animals uneasy.    
  • The Intensive Care Unit was designed to be open so any convalescing patient can be routinely and actively monitored by any medical staff member. 
  • ICU Patients can be monitored 24X7 via webcam.  
  • The hospital has an Isolation Ward to isolate and treat contagious animals without spreading contagions throughout the facility.  
  • In addition to an indoor waiting area, there is an outdoor waiting area where large dogs can be separated from cats and small dogs, to help animals feel less threatened. 
  • The facility has been built to American Animal Hospital Association standards.