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Normal Mouth      Stage 1 Gingivitis         Stage 2 Periodontal Disease   Stage 3 Periodontal Disease  
Stage 4 Periodontal

Healthy teeth and gums.
There is no plaque or tartar.

  The gum line is inflamed but
there is no evidence
of support loss. Treatment
involves plaque and
calculus removal. Annual
dental treatments at IHPH
will keep this condition
from progressing.
  The tooth begins to lose
its support. Treatment
the removal 
of plaque, calculus and
specific periodontal
therapy based on
examination findings,
in addition to annual
dental treatments.

Gums are inflamed, swollen,
bleed easily and are
being damaged by infection
and tartar. Sore mouth
may affect eating and
behavior. Bad breath
is present. Periodontal
disease may become
irreversible. Teeth may
be loose and oral surgery
may be necessary.

  Severe inflammation, gum
recession and bleeding,
bone loss and possible tooth
mobility. Treatment will likely
include extractions.
Regular follow-up
cleanings and diligent
home care will be needed
to maintain oral stability.
Oral surgery is necessary.
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